Mary, Mother of the Word Incarnate

Mary, Mother of the Word Incarnate
Pray for us, oh Holy Mother of God, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

Questions for Bible Christians

I'm starting a series of posts on the topic of Sola Scriptura. This is the doctrine, asserted by the reformers that the "bible alone" (sola scriptura) is the one and only rule of faith for all Christians, is a doctrine that is held by all non-Catholic Christians. It is a doctrine that was never, in the 1,500 years prior to the reformation, held by the Catholic church.

This doctrine is one of the "marks" of Protestants, the other two marks being "faith alone" (sola fide) and the priesthood of all believers.

The marks of the Catholic church are one, holy, catholic and apostolic. 

When discussing Catholic beliefs with Protestants, invariably, whatever it is, your challenger will say, "where is that in the bible?" Many things that we believe are clearly defined in the bible (if you read the entire bible, and not just the passages your challenger will quote to you.) Many things are only hinted at in the bible, for example, the assumption of Mary, praying to the saints, the immaculate conception. These can be defended, and should, using the bible as a basis. However, you should never simply answer questions. You should also ask questions which challenge the protestant doctrines, or marks, to which they adhere.

There is an excellent list of questions on Steve Ray's site called "Questions for Bible Christians" that challenges the doctrine of sola scriptura. I thought that a reflection upon each of the questions would be valuable so that you may know the purpose and arguments to use when defending the Magisterium of the Catholic church (because this is our answer to sola scriptura).

It is my hope that this series will provide you will the arguments you need to challenger your friends, co-workers and door-to-door evangelists that you will encounter. The Boy Scouts have a great motto: Be Prepared!

1. Does the bible provide a list of all of the books that should be in the bible?